About Lift

Consent For Treatment

It is our pleasure to facilitate your lift sessions. They have helped so many people to live with more peace, happiness and fulfilment and we are confident that they will help you too. The following are the terms and conditions for those receiving Lift.

1. Lift Practitioners are not medical doctors and therefore cannot give diagnostic assessments, medical treatment or perform medical procedures.  Lift or Energy Healing is not intended to replace medical treatment. If I am suffering from illness or injury, I will follow the advice of my medical advisors as well as receiving Lift.

2. I acknowledge that I have been informed that Lift can sometimes cause old emotions and feelings to come to the surface to be released and healed. If I experience symptoms that are uncomfortable, I will ask for help from my Lift Practitioner and/or usual medical provider.

3. If I am currently or have previously experienced a mental health or psychiatric disorder I will let my LIFT practitioner know.

4. I understand that these five Lift Sessions are to be completed within a ten-week time frame.

5. If I cannot attend one of my scheduled Lift sessions, the practitioner must be contacted within 24 hours prior to my appointment to cancel and reschedule.  Otherwise, I may forfeit the session.

6. I acknowledge that after the five sessions are completed, my Lift practitioner will provide me with a feedback form. I agree to fill out this form and send it to the Lift Program Coordinator in a timely manner.

7. I agree to refrain from the use of alcohol or any recreational/illegal drugs before or during my Lift session. If I don’t comply, I will forfeit the session.

8. In the unlikely event that Lift does not suit me, or I am in any way unsatisfied, my Lift Practitioner or I can contact the Lift Program Coordinator to terminate the sessions and a refund for the remaining sessions will be issued.  I will receive a refund of the amount left from the unused sessions.

We accept 95% of applications but sometimes we are not the correct health provider for you. Once the application process has finalised your Lift program coordinator will be in touch.

For questions or concerns please contact the Lift Program Coordinator via email liftadmin@thewbi.org 

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